November 21 – J…

November 21 – January 29

10-week training period: Focus on bettering the following PRs

1. Fran 8:08 with 75lb thrusters (tested on Nov 18). Goal: Match the time with 95lbs, RX’d weight.

2. Clean and Jerk 145lbs (tested on Nov 12). Goal: 160lbs 

3. Dead lift 295lbs (tested on Nov 18). Goal 315lbs

4. Pull-ups, strict, 3 sets 10/10/7 (tested Nov 16). Goal 14/12/10

5. 5k run 28:50 (tested Nov 20) Goal Sub 25



4-5 CrossFit classes per week

2-3 CrossFit Endurance running/running technique workouts per week

5+ mobility workouts per week

Incorporate into WOD warmups: Burgener warmup + c and j technique work. extra-pullup work, ring dips, handstand pushups

10 minutes static stretching after each WOD plus 5 minutes hollow rock work.

Practice strict Zone diet with Paleo emphasis 5+ days per week

2 fish oil tablets daily

100oz water daily


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